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A new short film in the making.

methodacting poster

A new short film produced by Fabulous Media is currently in post-production. Stay tuned for more updates.


Ghetto Child is taking the world by storm!


The script for this music video was written over the cause of a year. The ending changed every month. Anja asked Herbie Kawuma and Siriusleh to make a suitable song for her film idea, and they said yes.

Anja finally managed to finalise the script, contacted Fabulous Media to produce it and it was set to life in Oslo Norway in June 2017. It got completed at the end of September and became a finalist at NISFF only a week later.  Two and a half week later TMFF picked it up, and if you haven’t seen the video yet, click here.  Ghetto Child has been selected to screen world wide ever since and the cast and crew are very grateful.

The film won best music video at Norwegian Seagull International Short Film Festival. You can watch the live stream of the award show here (For Ghetto Child | Timecode: 23:23).


Ghetto Child was nominated at Film Festival Light and got won the award for second best music video at the end of February 2018.


New documentary in pre-prod.

I’m in the pre-production of a documentary shot partly in Norway and partly in Uganda. Fabulous media have said yes to produce the film.



Short film sent to film festivals world wide


Jack, a short comedy I filmed in Australia is ready for the world to see. It’s produced by Motion Story and Snowmotion Production.


Commercial shoot in Mexico

I went to Mexico for 5 days to film a commercial for Quantafuel.



Music video  | Ruby and the moonshine brothers

Snowmotion Production made 3 music videos after filming a live concert for an amazing Norwegian band called Ruby and the moonshine brothers.



Music video  | A-Lee – Can’t give up

Norway’s biggest newspaper VG said yes to present the world premiere, read the article about the artist here, and to go directly to the video by clicking here.



Documentary | Isdammen

Isdammen, a documentary I’ve made togheter  with the talented cinematographer Lise Martine Halle is  done after almost 2 years in the making.



Music video  | Marida – Hurricane

The release of the music video of Marida’s latest single Hurricane was launched the 13th of June.


For more updates go to Marida’s Facebook fan page


Music video  | Herbie Kawuma – Together we can

The music video was filmed in the slums of Kampala, Uganda and was made together with children who grew up in the streets. The song is a symbol,  a way to raise awareness and a reminder to not give up the fight against HIV/AIDS.


Click here to see behind the scenes and see more updates on Herbie Kawuma’s Facebook fan page

logo3Short film | Isabelle

Best cinematography black

Congratulations to Evannah Jayne for best cinematography at Art Color Digital Cinema International Film Festival.

This film also won a price at Women in Film Television International short film showcase.

Isabelle has been officially been selected to screen at Ozark Shorts, Chennai International film festival, Art Color Digital Cinema International Film Festival.

Screenshot 2016-02-18 14.38.48

Check out the Facebook fan page


Short film | Where’s Jesus?

Won an award at Milano Online Film Festival and is currently been officially selected to be screened in 9 festivals world wide.12729130_10156556226080273_8173557839654683967_n

Check out the Facebook fan page

Music video | Herbie Kawuma ft. Siriusleh – Ghetto Child

Pre-production is on for a new music video for Herbie Kawuma featuring Siriusleh with their song Ghetto Child.

Ghetto child music video